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The Haganah/F.I.G.H.T. system founded by Mike Lee Kanarek, stands for, “Fierce Israeli Guerilla Hand-to-hand Tactics.” Self Defense components of the F.I.G.H.T. system include hand-to-hand, empty-hand versus knife, ground survival, tactical knife fighting, and combat shooting.


During this 3 hour course I will cover 3 fundamental pillars of understanding Israeli martial arts, but most importantly what makes the HaganaH system unique and a compliment to any self defense training program or combat sport such as boxing or Muay Thai.


Part One: DEEP ROOTS; History & Concepts of the Israeli martial arts, background on IDF Spec Ops, Founder Mike Lee Kanarek and how Muay Thai is a Key ingredient differentiating Haganah vs Krav Maga and other Israeli systems.


Week Two: "FIERCE ISRAELI GUERILLAS''; My top 5, Reality Based, empty handed scenarios in the F.I.G.H.T. Self Defense System and why they compliment any style of self defense training.


Week Three: "GOING COMMANDO"; an intro to the why's when's and how's of weapon snatching(disarms) + Israeli Carry Methods (pistols & knives) This course if limited to only 13 participants



Learn the fundamentals of using edged weapons defensively. We will cover offensive techniques, knife disarms and weapon retention. Folding versus Fixed blade advantages and more! We offer proven courses or highly customized courses depending upon your proficiency and operational needs.



CQC Knife Fighting system ADVANTAGES: Trains the individual or a small number of operators / does not require large teams The systems methodology provides an offensive / defense advantage at the same time It’s reality based – tactics and skills are combat proven tested and updated continually It’s flexible and useful at various ranges (long – med –deep in the pocket) It deals with emerging threats such as mobs/large crowds and home(office,car) invaders ​ **These Knife Fighting methods are currently in use in numerous local and state departments, federal teams, state level basic training academies, tactical training organizations. 


Already trained with edged weapons? Currently training in HaganaH? Want to expand on you current skillset ? Or do you simply need a refresher course? This class is for current or former students of HTK and or Mike Lee Kanarek who want to continue developing their technique in the Blade Artist method of Israeli Knife fighting. 

•Learn proven hand to hand methods of boxing and muay thai combined with the devastating techniques of israeli special forces/ israeli border patrol and prison swat units. 


Whether you're a boxer, mma fighter leo/military operator or simply a responsible civilian who was born to protect, then this course is for you! 


•The knife is the "great equalizer", for when you find yourself outnumbered. These techniques are designed to compliment any style of martial arts, whether your base is in the ring or out in the field deployed overseas, these methods will help you survive an encounter against multiple attackers


Sign up includes, The "Patriot" Kit: 


1x LOTAR COMBAT "Bow To Noone" Patch

1x Training Knife 

1x CAT Tourniquet 

1x Heavy Duty 12" ZipTie

1x Weather Proof Ranger Band

1x USA Patch


3 Hour Intensive Course Based on the Blade Warrior DxCQC & Trench Modules of the Blade Artist System of HaganaH by Mike Lee Kanarek


Special Discount for Orev 5132 Deadliest/Ghost or Beaufort/Sicari owners or any other Lotar Combat Knife as well as BLG members


•Contact us for details or to register 


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