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The word “zombie” is used here as a metaphor for home intruder, predator etc. 

Everything else is for fun. If you can’t or appreciate that, sucks for you. 

MUST pre register for courses. NO WALK INS.  

See link in bio. 

BLG,HTK & LMT members contact us for your discount.


It has finally happened, Hell is full and the living dead walk the earth. Your city is a wasteland. Most of the people you know are dead or the walking dead. 


A zombie horde is headed your way, radio transmissions indicate they will be arriving from the North, while the safe zone lies to the South. You will encounter stragglers at least once in October before the horde arrives. Some are slow but travel in a mass. While other’s are solo hunters who sprint and charge at you! You will have to run and fight to survive!  



Gather a team and get to safety. Your objective is to build you and your unit up both mentally & physically by training hard, eating good and creating a habit of pushing your body to its limit! This is the only way you will withstand the ghouls when they arrive. 


In order to stay prepared you will be completing aprox 15 mins of daily missions and tasks for the next 3+ weeks. This will be useful during raids, supply runs or evading the horde altogether. 


These challenges will vary and will be not be easy, some may even include weapons training and reconnaissance scout school if you sign up for the spec ops units*. 



Dewormer or masks won’t save you, you must fight infection from the inside! Although it’s not easy finding food (let alone healthy food) since the shut down, you know you need a healthy immune system and strong body to defend against the threat of infection! So pack in the protein, good carbs, good fats and LOTS of water.




In about 28 days, once you are all healthy enough to encounter the horde your team will make a move to the Safe Zone, A USMC controlled refugee camp. USMC?!, Super Safe!


You will have a limited amount of time to get to the safe house (TBA), but there will be deadly threats along the way.  Some obstacles may require help from your team, so don’t think you can do this alone and make sure you are holding each other accountable for your training! 


Will you and your team survive the oncoming horde of brain eating zombies ?! ! ?! !? 


#28DaysLater Fitness Challenge 

Starts 10/01

Our running 🏃‍♂️ club will train for 28days and prep to outrun the fastest of the infected. 

Hiking the Wastelands: Learn to Build a 72hr “Go” bag


What’s in your backpack ? Can you get home or gtfo when disaster strikes ? Learn what to pack in your bag/car for disaster scenarios. Including weapons, ammo and first aid.

​“Come with me if you want to live” 

Developing a family & home defense plan 


 When things get crazy & you need to hunker down, Is your family part of your plan of action ? Is your home 🏡 prepared to withstand the horde? 


Using the Knives & Machetes to survive the apocalypse 

The Orev5132 Gen is out ! And it’s the perfect companion for fighting 1on1 or groups of crazies out in the wastelands. Otherwise, bust out your daddies machete and Come find out why it’s an icon in zombie hacking. 



Intro the Tactical Shotgun 

Need I say more ? Bring your shotgun & begin to master it. Then we will run through a dynamic Dry-fire course developing your muscle memory to engage the walking dead, werewolves, and whatever else stands in your way. 

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