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Protect What Matters Most

Welcome to Code Black, a premier provider of close protection and security solutions. Our esteemed team comprises top-tier professionals who exemplify the highest standards of expertise and adaptability. With a focus on close protection services for VIPs, executives, celebrities, and high-profile individuals, as well as residential and commercial security, event security, and technical security, Code Black is dedicated to ensuring your safety and security in every situation. Trust our team of elite professionals to provide you with unmatched close protection, delivering peace of mind and tailored security solutions.


Our group offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, ensuring their safety and peace of mind in any situation.


Leading our team is Richard Fatschel, our Chief Field Operative and an Army Ranger with extensive experience. Richard, along with Marques Johnson, an expert in executive protection and Opsec, and Christopher Hersey, a seasoned consultant with a background with the Secret Service, combine their collective experience to ensure a thorough "advance" of the job site, always.


Richard's exceptional skills, adaptability, and situational awareness, honed through his Army Ranger training, enable him to provide unparalleled close protection to our clients. Marques, with his expertise in technical security, employs advanced strategies and cutting-edge technologies to safeguard our clients' digital assets, ensuring comprehensive cybersecurity measures. Christopher's wealth of experience in security strategies, risk mitigation, and training programs ensures that our operators are always prepared for any scenario.


With this combined experience and expertise, we prioritize thorough "advance" work for every job site. We meticulously analyze and assess potential risks, develop comprehensive security plans, and implement proactive measures to ensure the utmost safety and security of our clients. Our team's dedication to a thorough "advance" approach sets us apart and allows us to consistently deliver exceptional security solutions.


Our comprehensive security solutions cover a wide range of client profiles, from executive protection for corporate executives, political figures, and world leaders, to residential and commercial security for private families, artists, celebrities, athletes, and entertainers. We also offer specialized security services for various settings, including residential communities, condominiums, front desk operations, school safety, corporate buildings, luxury retail, construction sites, and event/tour security for festivals, concerts, and private events.


Trust Code Black to provide you with the utmost security and peace of mind, with our team's commitment to a thorough "advance" approach that ensures the highest level of preparedness and protection.

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